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How to Download Putty for Mac – Do you know that Putty is the best terminal emulator available in the market. Putty is an application which supports many types of Network Protocols as Telnet, SSH, FTP, SCP, and much more. You can use Putty as you wish as it is available for all devices for free. You can use as different clients for the different device as SSH client is used for Windows Operating System. This client is used to connect to the Linux server and also for other servers which are comfortable to you.

You may think that whether Putty is available for Mac or not. The answer is yes, all the users of Mac can download and install Putty on your Mac device. Putty has grown its market as it is most widely used Putty on Windows Operating Systems or Windows Platform. But the official versions are available on UNIX platforms. You can download and install Putty on Mac systems with OSX 10.11 and higher.

Download Putty for Mac OSX, 8.5.0, 7.0, 6, 10 (iOS Devices) New Version

As you know, you should use a Client to use a Putty application, and SSH client is the default client for MAc and Linux Operating Systems. You can also use terminal SSH connections for additional benefits on your device. Putty also used to transfer files, CISCO Stuffs and also used for managing the data. Putty has many version since its release as you can download any version of the application but the latest version would have less number of bugs, and you find it easy to use.

You can download Putty from its official website as it is a third party application so it is not available on the Apple App Store. You have to choose the link which is available for Mac devices and click on it to download and after downloading double click on file to start the installation process. After successful installation, you can start using Putty on your Mac Operating System.Putty for Mac

  • Putty App For Mac Specification –
  • App Name – Putty Application
  • Licence – Free for all users
  • OS – Mac os (iOS)
  • Ranking – 1 (Network Tools)

Get the Best Putty for Mac Alternatives

If you are really want to use an app like Putty on Mac device then please get any one alternative of Putty for Mac from the below-provided list:

  • Terminal
  • vSSH Lite
  • Chrome Secure Shell
  • OpenSSH
  • SecureCRT

The extended Status bar for Firefox with a Putty for Mac alternative which most used on the Mac Operating system which tracks the browsing statistics with the status bar on your device. Choose the best to your device and download the best application which is used to your device and also choose the preferred link to download.


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