JioPhone Launched

JioPhone Launched/Jio Features/JioPhone Price/JioPhone Specifications: Reliance Jio is back with a bang to entertain you people with its never expected offers. One would surely love this feature after going through this article. Reliance is into the Telecom market since a year and it is successfully proved its worth for money spent by users. Now it’s the time for a new release of Reliance inventions which you might have never thought of. As every year, Mukesh Ambani has addressed the gathering at Reliance Annual General Meeting on 21st July 2017. Now he has announced the release of a latest 4G phone that has the capability to knock smartphones. Most of the people who are not able to afford the funds imposed on the smartphones can now enjoy all the outstanding features of this 4G phone.

JioPhone Launched | Jio Feature Phone Into the Smartphone Filed

Since many years most of the people are dropping down to get a smartphone due to the unaffordable prices imposed on the devices. To remove this barrier in people, Jio has come up with an exciting offer that could favor the people of all categories easily. It has almost all the features of a smartphone and one can enjoy using it as a smartphone. Buzz states that Jio Phone testing with people from different categories has proved that user from any background has reliable benefits by using this 4G phone. As stated in the AGM meeting, Jio Phone has the capability to solve almost all the works like NFC payments or online payments easily.

JioPhone Launched for Free

People are really confused about the offers given by Reliance and they were in a dilemma that why Reliance is giving these offers for free of cost. Mukesh Ambani has stated that Jio Phone is made available to all the users with an effective price of Zero. But the thing is it has given 3 years of time for refunding the amount Rs. 1500 that should be paid while purchasing the phone. It has nearly 72 months of time to refund the amount. This less cost phone will attract crores of people to purchase it. In a less span of 3 years, One can easily increase the amount in various ways I guess. So it is not a loss to Reliance company in providing Jio Phone for free. One can pay Rs.1500 at Jio stores or Pre-booking site to purchase Jio Phone and you will be refunded the same amount after three years.

Pre-order Jio Feature Phone

Reliance Jio Phone is still in testing stage and it is likely to be released for testing in the month of August and one can pre-book Jio Phone from 24th August 2017. As the number of people purchasing Jio Phone will be high, Reliance has thought of creating 10,000 new Jio digital stores around the country. If you are aware of MyJio website then check out the order status of your Jio Phone online. If you are willing to order Jio 4G phone, most probably you need to pay money online. As of now, we have not heard any news regarding the Jio Phone for Cash on Delivery method. If Reliance is likely to provide that feature, one can give the amount imposed on the phone after getting the order.

JioPhone Features & SPecifications

Here you can find the best Jio features & specifications of JioPhone.JioPhone Launched

JioPhone Launched to surpass Other Telecom Industries

The offers given by Reliance Jio will surely affect the other Telecom industries. Jio is the second best Telcom market that is serving its users with never suspected offers. As per the TRAI data, most of the users have BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea but the critics stated that Jio is the most preferred network in these days. It is assumed that the growth of other networks will decline by 6%. If the users are very much satisfied with the latest Jio Phone offers then the usage of other Telecom networks will be decreased to a greater extent. This move made by Mukesh Ambani will surely make changes in Telecom industry in very less time.

As of now, we have heard the features and some required information regarding Jio Phone in the above words. Jio Phones will be available to all the customers from 24th August 2017 on the official website of Jio or at nearest Jio stores. Bookmark this page to come back when the Jio Phone Pre-Booking gets started.


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