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Icon packs for Android 2017 are necessary to identify any file or a folder. As we store files, documents, videos, and music in our storage and we use when ever they are required. We have to check the name of the folder to identify the required folder right. But just imagine that if you have an icon to your folder, you can quickly identify without wasting anytime right. Yes, there are many icon packs which are available for alomost all Android smartphone devices.

You can download these images from the internet and they you can use it to your folder. There are many icon packs for Android smartphones like Music, Files, Smileys, Business Documents, Professional Icons and much more. Here in this article you can go through all the icons available and download where are required for you identify the folders.

List of the Top 9 Icon Packs for Android 2017 Download

iVista 2 PNGs: These icon packs are made for personal desktop, and you cannot rename or edit these icons. iVista provides 136 icons in the pack, and you can use multiple times as you required. These icons are of type PNG with size 256*256 and 128*128.

Icon Pack 2: Icon Pack 2 is the best icon pack available for Android user in which it contains many icons like sports symbol, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Arrow symbol and much more. These are of different sizes like 256*256,128*128, 64*64, 32*32, 16*16. This icon pack has more 100 images.

Designers Icons: Designers Icon has Professional Handy crafted icon in which can attach these icons to your folders. It is available in PNG format, and it is a pack of 12 icons. These icons are in size of 32*32.

Web 2.0 Gift: This is a web icon pack which has social networking platform icons like twitter, Facebook, Wi-Fi, WhatsApp and much more. It is a pack of 14 icons with different sizes like  256*256,128*128, 64*64, 32*32, 16*16. These icons are available in ICNS, ICO, and PNG.

Radium Icon Set: Radium Icon Set is a pack of 80 and which are available in PNG as size like 256*256. These icon packs are used for personal desktop, and these icons are like disk icons.Icon Packs for Android

Icon Packs for Android – Black Glamour, Light Dock Icons & Crystal Project Icons

Black Glamour: It has a set of 35 icons with size 512*512. You can use these icons for the applications like VLC media, Adobe, Mozilla, Bluetooth and much more. Format type PSD, PNG.

Light Dock Icons: It has the light icon where you can only see the symbol of the icon. It has sizes of  256*256,128*128, 64*64, 32*32, 16*16 and you can use these icons to any folder.

Vintage Stamp Social Media Icon Pack: Vintage Stamp Social Media Icon Pack has 23 icons in PNG format with size 200*200. This icon pack for Android is, and you can use these icons for personal and commercial projects. You cannot share these icons to other either you can download from the internet.

Crystal Project Icons: Crystal Project has a huge number of icons where you can use multiple icons at a time. It has around 688 icons and in PNG format. You can use this icon packs for folder size of 256*256,128*128, 64*64, 32*32, 16*16. You can download this icon from online.

This article provides you best icon packs for Android 2017. Download this icon packs and use it to your folder.


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