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5 Top Rabbit Alternative Sites Available 2017 – Rabbit is such a platform that you can share all your daily routine with your friends and family members. You can share all your favorite shows, movies and you can collaborate easily with a single click. Rabbit is a video chat platform that you can see what all your friends are doing daily. You can easily connect with other for the long duration of time and you can work together as it provides many options to collaborate each other. So, if you are new to Rabbit then follow this article and you can also find the alternatives available for Rabbit.

Rabbit is an Official platform to share the videos or watch what your friends are doing. You can join any of the available friend’s room on the site and you can come out anytime. To use this, you need to visit the official website of Rabbit www.rabb.it and Sign In to continue to use. As you Sign In, you can list of Rooms available to join. You can choose the best one and join the room. Rabbit also allows Group Chats, Remote Desktop, Sync Devices, Voice Calls, Real-Time Collaboration, Instant Messaging, and much more. You can chat with anyone in the group as it displays on the screen. But, even if you are looking for Rabbit Alternatives then here I have mentioned the list of Rabbit Alternative sites Available.

5 Top Best Rabbit Alternative Sites Available

These are best Rabbit Alternative Sites available for all users and all over the world. Choose any of the following mentioned in the list and share your room.


Watch2Gether is the best alternative in the list and you can sync together with your friends and family members whenever required. You can join any of the rooms available as there is no limit to join the room. Watch2Gether provides the Integrated Chats and it doesn’t require any registration to use the service.


TogetherTube simply allows you to create a room and you can invite friends to your room and watch YouTube together. It is free to use and no registration required. You can also chat in the chat box provided. Simple interface and you can your screen to as many numbers of people required.Rabbit Alternative Sites


CyTube is a web application which provides secure synchronization and chat box. There are many channels when compared to other platforms. CyTube runs on Node.JS and Serverside has written in Javascript. You need to register to start using this web application.

Sync Video:

Using Sync Video you can watch videos from YouTube or Vimeo by sharing your screen with your friends. Sync Video gives you the best screen display to all your roommates. You can also use as Google Chrome Extension and Firefox Extension.4


Gaze provides you the best synchronous screen to your friends and family members. Has Integrated File Sharing and video calling facility. Gaze web application is Free for all users.

These are the 5 best Rabbit Alternative Sites available for all users. These are best Rabbit alternatives use the best out of them and share your screen with your friends and family members.


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