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 Top 5 Sites like Wayback Machine Alternatives Available – Internet Wayback machine is most used application nowadays because of its features. Internet Archive Wayback machine alternative helps the user to retrieve the deleted data easily from the website or blog. You can also see the full details of the website or a blog like when it as started, how many articles are published, and you can also see the specific date of the published article. You can use this details to target the specified website or blog and compete with them to increase your business. So use Internet Wayback Machine Alternatives on your PC/Laptop and also look for Internet Wayback Machine Alternative Applications available for PC/Laptop.

You can et many alternative applications to use but you need the best out them. So we have given you the best Internet Wayback Machine alternatives because this application as many users when compared to other applications. Follow the complete article to know the latest Internet Wayback Machine Application alternatives available for PC/Laptop.

Top 5 Sites like Wayback Machine Alternatives Available for All Users


Archive is the best alternative for Internet Wayback Machine and you can use archive web application easily on your PC/laptop. Archive provides full details of your website and blog with the full specifications. You can use the archive application easily because it has a simple interface and it works as you need to enter the website URL in the search box to know more about the website. You can get complete details of the blog like published date, website birt and much more.

Wayback Machine Alternative Screenshots Archive


ScreenShots come second in the list and the best alternative for Intenet Wayback machine. As the name defines screenshots takes the snapshot of the websites or blogs and save it to the database. You can access only the snapshots taken by the website and you can save on your device.Wayback Machine Alternatives


iTools is an amazing website to work for because it provides you all information about any domain you enter. iTools access all the information from Alexa database and ten tells you domain popularity, traffic, and most important competitors of the website.

Competitor Screenshots:

Competitor Screenshots is another website wic gives you screenshots of any domain you wish. You can access all the screenshots of the domain and emails of the blog but you need to register and Sin In to access the website. Competitor screenshots provide you the best privacy of your IP address as it doesn’t show your profile to the other people.


PageFreezer comes Fifth on the list because of the other applications as more feature than this application. But, PageFreezer offers you more functionality to your domain and you can extend your business more than before easily. You need to register and then Sign In to use this application on your system. PageFreezer as same features like other applications.

These are the top 5 best Internet Wayback Machine Alternatives Applications to use on your PC/laptop. Use all these applications at least once to know more about your required domain.

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