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5 Apps like MeetMe Alternatives for iPhone, Android, Windows– MeetMe is a special type of mobile application where you can connect people who are nearer to you as you can chat with them at any time. To use this application you need to Sign-Up or else you can Sin In by using your Facebook ID. You can have privacy to your profile and you can also add friends to your list and find out in the search bar. You can also search for people who are nearer to you and start chatting. You can download and Install MeetMe on Android, iOS, Windows, and also you can use it as the web application.

If you are a user of MeetMe and looking for Best MeetMe Alternatives for iPhone, Android, Windows. Then you can search for the best alternative applications in this article. There are many applications as MeetMe but you need to use the applications which have a good interface and free to use on our device. Many applications would also be fake as to attract the users and don’t protect security to your device. So, do check while installing the applications on your device.

Best 5 Apps like MeetMe Alternatives for iPhone, Windows, PC


Tinder is a new dating application where you can add anyone as friends and cat messaging them. If the other person is interested in you then you can easily start communications between each other. Tinder as a simple interface and a search box to search for new friends. Available for Android, iOS and as a web application. Enjoy new trending game on your PC, Ludo King Game for PCMeetMe Alternatives for iPhone


Woo is called as Matchmaking Application where you can date anyone online. If you are single and looking for a match of educated or else an interesting singles ten you can try Woo Application. You will definitely get your match easily as it provides full details of the person in the profile. Woo is proficient enough to connect the singles easily and you can start your personal online as it provides privacy to your profile.


OkCupid is a Free Online Dating and fast growing application where you can search for singles easily and et contact with each other easily. OkCupid is a free application for Android, iOS, and also on the web.

5 Best Apps like MeetMe | MeetMe Alternatives for iPhone, Windows, PC


Badoo shows people nearby and connects to them to know better about the person. You can easily download this application on your easily and you can connect with the people in a single click. Badoo is available for Android, Windows, Blackberry, Web, and iOS.


Zoosk is a social platform to make friends who are nearer to you and you can watch their complete profile and exchange complete message. You can also plan an offline date and meet the person in person. Zoosk provides privacy to your profile and to your text messages.

So, these are the top best 5 apps like MeetMe alternatives for iPhone, Windows, Android Operating System. You can also use as the web application in your search engine. Try out all the application and share your experience in the comment box below.


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