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Apps like Candid App Alternatives for Android – Are interested to speak in front of others on any topic you like to. Then there is a platform called Candid where you can speak you want to and you can share your thoughts with many people on this platform. Candid allows you to speak freely and you can easily start the discussion with others on your favorite topic or else on any other hot topic which is trending. You can make new friends on this applications and you can meet like-minded people and also with strangers as well. Candid has become the best learning and information gaining application in this era. You can give as many suggestions to the users if they are facing any issues and you can also share the newsfeeds with your friends and family members directly.

Candid Application is available all across the globe as you can use it from any part of the world. It is one of the largest communities of people where you can get a lot of information and knowledge from the others. You can get as many ideas and you can read thoughts of other people. But, if you are familiar with this application and looking for Candid Alternatives available then I have mentioned you the best Alternatives available for the users.

5 Best Apps like Candid App Alternatives for Android

Psst! Anonymous:

Psst! Anonymous is a private messaging Application which is based on social networking and it allows users the to communicate in a secure manner over the internet. You can delete the chat box once the opponent has read your message and has fully customizable interface.Candid App Alternatives


ASKfm is a messaging application where anyone can message and reply to others messages. This is completely secure to use and you can easily communicate with others as it is highly confidential to know about others. You need to create your own profile to use this application and if you are not worried about your privacy then you can show your identity.


Jodel is a simple application to share their views with the people as it is a community-based application. You can share your ideas and invite your friends to discuss the topic you have mentioned and users can vote on the posts you have posted. You can search for news and you can also share your location with friends.


Swiflie is a platform where you can share your views but this is considered for only real people who are more serious about the issues. You can also gain much information from this platform as it encourages the youth to share their ideas.


CityPrism is a social application which is mainly for youth. You can share your feelings with anyone and they suggest you if anything is required. This app is similar to Campus Buzz were students share ideas on any topic and you can basically think about the idea of different around us.

These are the best Candid App Alternatives Applications available for all users. Use every app and share your experience here so that other viewers can know the best Application.


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