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7 Apps like Flipboard Alternatives for Mac OS X– Are you worried about flipping your images, newsfeed, updates or any other on your Mac PC/Laptop? If yes, its time to download and install Flipboard Application on your Mac devices because it helps you to flip news, photos, and updates on your computer. Flipboard allows the user to see your social media feeds as a magazine layout as you can scan the information and you read it easily. You can share the posts, articles and create a folder from your profile. But, if you are already Flipboard users then you can refer this article for Flipboard Alternatives for Mac OSX PC/Laptop.

Flipboard acts as a personal magazine in which you can easily read the articles on your blogs, twitter and also any other social media platforms. Flipboard also provides you the newsfeeds from all over the world. You can add Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and any other social media platform to see the updates on Flipboard. Flipboard also allows you to share your articles easily on your timeline. Even other Flipboard Alternatives has many other features which attract the users. So, download the application which sets you the best on your Mac PC/Laptop.

7 Apps like Flipboard Alternatives for Mac OS X PC/Laptop


Feedbin the fast and simple RSS feed reader for Mac computers and you can experience the best out of it and the best Alternative for Flipboard. You need to buy it for $3/month and you can use this for commercial purpose. Feedbin is self-hosted and you also use this as the web application.Flipboard Alternatives for Mac


Reeder allows the user to use it on multiple applications like Feedly, Fever, Feedbin. Reeder supports multiple accounts and you can use for commercial purpose. You can use Reeder application on Max, iPhone, Windows Phone, and iPad.


Feedly application is free to download and you can use this application on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and also as Web Application. Feedly is the best alternative you can say when compared to other applications.


The Brief is a free application available for Mac, Windows Operating Systems. Interesting thing is that you can add as an extension on Firefox. Has many features when compared to other applications and are available free for all users.

Sismics Reader

Sismics Reader is an Open-Source application available for all the users and you can use it for Mac, Android, Windows, and also as web applications. Sismics Reader is also a Self-hosted application available for all users.


Newsbeuter is an Atom feed reader especially for text documents as you can run on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and also on Unix like Operating Systems. Available in Multiple Languages and also import feeds from OPML.


Fretsi has a simple interface to use as it is derived from Icelandic word “Frettir” which translates from word News. This application was designed mainly to read online feeds for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPhone users. You can also it for commercial and personal use.

These are the best 7 Apps like Flipboard Alternatives for Mac OS X Computers. You can choose any of them as most of them are free to download on your PC/Laptop.

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