PureVPN Alternatives for PC

6 Apps Like PureVPN Alternatives for PC, Windows, Mac – Are you looking for the best VPN service provider for your PC/Laptop? Then `download the best VPN service providers from this article. You can also choose PureVPN service as it offers unparalleled security and anonymity which provides it security for online browsing. As VPN service for our PC/laptop is more important mainly for security purpose and you can also protect your data as you need. PureVPN is available for free in more than 140+ countries.

PureVPN as 80,000 IPs and more than 500 servers to choose for the users. Available in many languages and you can download this application on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS devices, and much more. PureVPN is available for commercial purpose so if you are looking for the best PureVPN alternatives for PC, Mac, Laptop, Computer then you have come to right place.

6 Apps Like PureVPN Alternatives for PC, Windows & Mac

Download the best PureVPN Alternatives for PC/Laptop as it provides multiple security protocols and you can choose any of the servers provided. Follow the complete article to know about the VPN services and features of each application for your PC/Laptop.

OpenVPN – Best PureVPN Alternative for PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista


OpenVPN is the best alternative you can use for PureVPN to secure your connection. OpenVPN is an open source application where you can find SSL VPN solutions to accommodate remote access, site-to-site VPNs and also provides Wi-Fi security to your PC/Laptop.PureVPN Alternatives for PC


Tor is a free software and open network which helps you to balance the traffic and a forms a network of the websites. Tor provides high security to your device. You can bypass censorship, Surf the data anonymously and you can send emails to the specifies clients Anonymously.

SoftEther VPN:

SoftEther VPN allows you to create a virtual private network to your device and it is based on a server-client architecture. SoftEther VPN has many protocols as you can choose according to your requirement and create the site-to-site connection. This application provides OpenVPN and Microsoft based SSTP service to the users.


I2P is a network-oriented platform were you can use it on Mac, Windows, Android and on Linux Operating Systems. I2P provides strong privacy to the communication platforms on the internet. I2P is totally decentralized platform and you can download it for free on your device.


Freenet is a free open source platform wic allows you to ser files and browse the required application on your PC. You can also use this application as Peer to Peer connection between other devices and also a Decentralized application.


AnonymoX is an add-on application for your PC as it provides a fast searching option in a single click. The special feature of AnonymoX is it provides online privacy to your device. You can pick any random IP and delete the cookies and then you can check for public IPs. You can add this application as an extension for Firefox search engine.

These are the top 6 best PureVPN Alternatives for PC/Laptop on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista. You can use any of the applications because most of them are free to use and open source applications. All the applications provide security to your content on your device.


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